Golf tour operator sees 167% increase in enquiries


Our strategy

Our strategy focused on winning the niches of this market space. There are multinational players in this market with considerably more resource than GSW, so producing content which out performed competition was key. This was a multi-channel approach which at its core focused on taking the customer on a journey from interest to enquiry.

Which channels were utilised?

Content production. UX optimisation. Link building. Technical SEO. Google Ads. Organic social. Paid social. CRM integration and automation. Email marketing. Digital brochures. 

What was the result on website traffic?

Traffic increased by 187% year on year during the period we compared. Social, email and search all showed significant increases. The paid budgets were the same year on year. We gained traffic growth by utilising audience data more effectively and refining the marketing funnel. Once it was understood which pieces of content were serving which stage of the customer journey, we were able to take the prospective customer through an informative process, without making them feel pushed or sold to. Data was only collected once the customer was felt to be qualified enough to warrant a conversation with the sales team.